Announcing Anvilogic v1.0 GA!

The lifecycle of threat detection content not only involves landscape knowledge, threat analysis, prioritization, gathering the right data sets, parsing logs, writing threat detection logic, conforming to the required data models, testing, tuning and deploying, but also includes continuously monitoring the deployed content for performance and/or health related issues. Each of these has a plethora of challenges. It doesn’t end there. The deployed rules can produce a high volume of false-positives making triage on the incident response side of the house complex. Further, adversaries are constantly evolving resulting in constant upkeep of the deployed rules. Analysts may have to leverage multiple tools and a lot of manual processes, including expensive consulting services, to effectively develop and maintain threat detection content. With all the resources in hand, the average time to build detection logic, test and finally deploy in production could take weeks and sometimes, months.

In fact, “implementing or maturing SOCs with a focus on threat detection and response along with prioritized data security investments” made it to the Gartner’s top 7 security and risk trends for 2019.

Considering all these challenges, have you ever imagined a solution that could offer you a full set of capabilities to fully manage the content development lifecycle in a collaborative fashion, both intra and inter-company, with AI-assisted content/building recommendations, and a code-less UI-driven detection content builder?

Introducing Anvilogic — A Collaborative SOC Content Platform

You can increase your threat detection coverage, reduce alert volume while increasing the efficacy, boost your productivity by reducing the tools and/or manual processes, collaborate with your team members and SOC members within your peer organizations during the lifecycle of the content development and systematically measure your detection posture by assessing your threat detection coverage and gaps pertaining to your data feeds and your priorities.

Today, we are proud to unveil the power of such a platform to the SOC teams across all enterprises with the announcement of the general availability (GA) of Anvilogic. The latest release of Anvilogic features:

  • Interactive Code-less Threat Scenario Builder
  • Anvilogic Maturity Score (Beta)

With more than 30+ vetted trials and customers already using us in production, our GA version provides you the following set of benefits.

Anvilogic code-less threat scenario builder

Build Correlations Without Writing a Single-line of Code

Fun part — you need not be a SIEM language expert and won’t be writing a single line of code!

Obtain an Anvilogic Maturity Score

Increase Threat Detection Coverage

Collaborate Internally & with External Trusted Peers

Manage Content Lifecycle Effectively

Take Control of Your SOC

And there are so many more features that you’ll love. Sign up here to request a free trial/demo.

Anvilogic is a collaborative, no-code Automated Detection Engineering platform that helps SOC teams quickly deploy high-efficacy attack-pattern detection code.